Testimonies and Recommendations

Many have been helped by the staff at Legacy Counseling Center. Others have trusted us to care for people they know. You can read some of their testimonies and recommendations below:

Recommendations“When I came to Rich for help with problems in my marriage, he immediately saw the deeper issues at play. We peeled back the layers of my brokenness, and he helped me make sense of my pain. I began to see the cycle I was in. But he didn’t leave me there. He consistently held out to me the truths that would lead me to healing.  As I have taken those steps, not only have I found a stability I have never known, but my marriage dynamics completely changed for the better.  No other counselor has been able to see through so quickly to the heart of the matter and actually been able to help me. I have needed this kind of help for years.  I finally feel set free from years of crippling pain and confusion, and my marriage is being restored. I am so grateful.”

“I had been to multiple counselors trying to work through deep pain rooted in childhood. No one was able to get to the heart of the matter because they focused on my flaws instead of the root issue. In the second session with Rich I knew I found the person that would help me become the man that God intended because he approached my issues without condemnation and gently moved me towards the cause of my dysfunction. I have been with Rich for almost 5 years and he has been a major catalyst in my growth in Christ and my interaction with family and friends. I was a tough nut to crack because I set up a substantial network of insulators to mask my pain. I am now at the best point spiritually, mentally and physically than at any other point in my life. God continues to use Rich in powerful ways and I look forward to where the Holy Spirit is going lead me in the next phase of my journey. I believe in the wise counsel of men and Rich has proven to be that kind of man.”

“I had lived with pain, hurt and guilt for decades until Rich helped me to finally begin the healing process.  Rich is a great listener, and I always left our sessions with renewed hope, encouragement and confidence.  He helped me formulate relevant, productive action items and held me accountable for their implementation.  I am especially grateful for the way Rich helped me discover and embrace how to mend difficult past relationships, and nurture new relationships in a more selfless way.”

Recommendations“On the reference of a dear pastor and friend we came to (…) specifically Rich Oswald during one of the darkest and most painful times in our lives.  My son lost his father through a violent suicide and in a moment everything in our lives changed (especially my son’s life).  My husband (step-father) and I knew we wanted to seek a counselor that could deal with the personal and human emotions of the situation as well as point our son back to his faith for comfort and healing.  Rich did far more than we ever expected or could have imagined.  He embraced our son and family as a unit and helped us navigate the situation at hand and many other past hurts and loses that contributed to the overwhelming pain we were experiencing.  Our son worked through so much hurt over the divorce, his father’s death, and the disillusion of learning your parents are not always who you think they are or who you want them to be.  He took a global approach that not only helped our son heal, but helped us build a loving home for our boys and become better parents, by focusing on building better communication and learning to really listen.  He taught us how to love each other better, hold each other accountable, hold ourselves accountable; all while embracing the things that make us unique.  We learned about boundaries and breaking old habits that enabled poor behavior.  If I had to sum it up … we learned that we have choices.  We get to choose to live our lives in a healthy way.  We don’t often get to choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we respond.  GOD blessed our lives by leading us to Rich.  Our journey is not over, but now we have a partner and a trusted guide who shares our Christian values and focus.”

Recommendations“When we came to … (c)ounseling, we were in a state of hopelessness.  We felt as though there wasn’t anything to fix, and that we were broken and irreparable.  Between the hurt that we had caused each other, and unforgiveness we had towards each other, it looked like the end of the road for our marriage.  God obviously had different plans.  After our first session with Rich, the walls between us began to come down.  We were able to talk to each other, and slowly begin the process of healing.  Rich helped us to see that our poor patterns of communication and conflict resolution had gotten us to the current state our marriage was in.  With each session we went to, we realized that despite our circumstances and the mess we had created, God wanted us to repair our relationship.  Rich helped us to see God’s truth for our marriage.  He opened our eyes and hearts to each other again.  We always felt comfortable in the office and it was very easy to open up to Rich.  We felt as though he was an advocate for our marriage and truly saw God’s design for us.  To this day, we have referred multiple friends to Rich for counseling and we continue to reap the benefits of the tools he taught us.  When conflict arises, we no longer feel ill-equipped to handle it.  God brought us to Rich, broken and in desperate need of help, and now we are living the marriage God intended us to have. We are eternally grateful and blessed to have found Rich Oswald to help us navigate the mess our marriage was in. ”

Recommendations“After an affair in our marriage, we were struggling to pick up the pieces.  We were referred to Rich (……) through our church and are forever grateful.  Rich helped us weed through this painful and difficult time.  Seeing a counselor can be intimidating, but Rich always made both of us feel comfortable and secure in sharing our stories. The world would have told us to move on, but with Rich’s help we were able to figure out how to move past the pain, and start a new future together.  Rich helped us understand the points of view we both brought into the marriage, while at the same time mending the broken relationship. After over a year and a half of counseling, we officially ‘graduated’ and our marriage is thriving.  We still use the principles that Rich taught us to keep our marriage strong and growing.  We are so grateful God brought us to Rich and we know that our children will be forever grateful for our happy and strong marriage.  We now have a greater love for one another than at any other time in our marriage and are so excited to grow old together!  We have referred many other couples to Rich, and love to know that God has used our story for good and His glory!”

From Dr. James Merritt, Pastor of Cross Pointe Church, Duluth, GA:

As a pastor, one of the more challenging things I face is giving adequate direction and guidance to people who are in need in their personal life.  When these personal needs fall outside the area of my training and expertise, I am so grateful (…) to have a resource for our people.  I was able to connect with counselor Rich Oswald, and have had great success with the people that I have directed to him.  His training, experience and passion have been a God-send to our people and to me….

From Bruce Hardy, Associate Pastor, Cross Pointe Church, Duluth, GA:

When we are faced with difficult circumstances and choices, we need a safe place to turn to and receive wise counsel.  As a church leader, many people come through our doors who need specialized care and guidance that are outside the boundaries of a pastor’s expertise.  …Rich Oswald …(has) provided that for us!  Rich has a unique ability to minister to the heart, challenge the need, and offer spiritual guidance and healing to those in need of counseling…

RecommendationsFrom John Baker, Head Pastor at Gwinnett Community Church, Lawrenceville, GA:

“I would like to recommend Rich and Christine Oswald for your counseling needs.  I’ve known Rich and Christine for some time now. As their pastor, I’ve seen them in action. Their commitment to truth and their compassion for those who are hurting or who need direction is great.  They’ve helped many people, and I believe they would be an encouragement to you.”