We need help with our marriage!

marriage problems

Marriage: God’s greatest tool to help us mature.

It is a great thing to recognize you need help with your marriage and to ask for it!

You are not alone in your struggles. We, as sinful human beings, are not fully equipped, trained or healthy to have flawless lives, not to mention flawless relationships.

We at Legacy Counseling Center in Snellville are honored to be a part of your healing and growth. We believe every relationship can be better. The foundation of relationships are the individuals involved. We approach helping relationships by helping each person, because a marriage is only as healthy as the least healthy person (like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link).

We theorize that each party of a marriage is similar in overall health (emotionally, spiritually, relationally and intellectually), but may differ in strength areas (and we have yet to find and exception to this). So when a couple comes in wanting to make their spouse the problem and seeks to fix them, we must recognize that this will not be a productive mission. The only person each party has control over and responsibility for is themselves. So rather then being frustrated with the lack of cooperation and change one seeks from their spouse, they must accept they can do nothing to directly change the other and put their energy and focus on themselves.

This is a very challenging and often painful, involved and lengthy process. But it is worth the effort. We find that those couples that put in the time and energy end up with a relationship better that they had and often better than they believed they could have.

So give us at Legacy Counseling Center in Snellville a call or send and email. And lets work together to get your marriage, and each of you, healthier!