About Us

Christian Counseling helpLegacy Counseling Center in Snellville, GA is here to help you. It was established to provide caring and compassionate Master’s level counseling from a Christian world view to Snellville and surrounding areas of North East and East Atlanta metro areas.

We see ourselves, other people and the world through a Christian perspective, but we never force our beliefs on anyone and can be as open with them as you request. We use techniques, information, and understanding from scripture, psychology and life experience that have helped many people.

Legacy Counseling Center staff team up with you. We want to see you and your relationships healthier. We realize we are all broken and in need of help. Sometimes this help is found from professional counselors.

Christian counseling help We are people, too. Our struggles, challenges and pain are real.

We have been in counseling, so we understand that asking for help and sharing personal information is scary and uncomfortable. We don’t take your vulnerability lightly. We are honored each and every time we have the privilege of assisting someone. We also recognize the investment of time, effort and finances related to counseling. So we work hard with you and for you to get healthier as quickly as possible. Sometimes this happens in just a few sessions. Sometimes effort is needed for a longer period.

Our goal is to get you the counsel you need. This includes directing you to another provider if we are not the best fit.